Blue On Blue Wave – Bic Biro Pen Art

This was done with a Bic Atlantis Blue pen and my new Staedtler Ball 432 M Light Blue. The Staedtler M (medium) pens appear to give a finer line than the Bic medium pens, and just as easy to use. So in the future, I’ll reserve using to the Staedlter’s for finer detailed pieces. This piece was hard to walk away from, but the project spanned over many weeks, and so I had to make a decision to stop ‘fiddling’ about and move on to the next piece.

Approx 30+ hours

At one point I had a play around with the sun shining through my net curtains, and thought it might be a good effect to draw in myself. However, I went for the simple option for now, just in the interest of speed.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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