Sundown Audio E-10 Subwoofer – Project Update

Leigh’s previous twin Vibe Audio Slick 10″ subwoofer set up

leigh's clio boot ground zero 6x9 speakers vibe subwoofers

Vibe Slick 10 (left), Sundown Audio E-10 (right)

Sundown Audio vs. Vibe  ... what comparison. Sundown rules!

Sundown Audio vs. Vibe … what comparison? Sundown rules!

The Vibe is no real comparative to the Sundown audio. in Leigh’s word;

“The Vibe is just a paper weight in comparison!”

Padding the sub out with Acoustic Foam first to effectively, make the enclosure smaller, then adding some Acoustic Wadding s per Sundown Audio’s instructions.

sundown audio e-10 subwoofer enclosure acoustic foam

sundown audio e-10 subwoofer enclosure polyfil

Leigh’s Vibe Slick 10 sub is totally cooked, and so he decided to go ahead and stick the Sundown Audio E-10 in its place. Not good, because the enclosure is not optimised for the Sundown E-10, and the enclosure has no polyfil in it So the Sundown is struggling to perform to its real potential. As this is only a temporary measure, I’m planing to reduce the internal volume of the current sealed enclosure, to that recommended by Sundown using acoustic foam padding. Then I’ll add some polyfil as recommenced.

And the project so far …. has taken a back step so for now it’s been put on hold

I have to say that I had serious doubts about sticking the E-10 into a sealed enclosure. I didn’t think it was going to be that good on output, and I certainly didn’t expect anything like the depth that is does produce. Coming from the 12″ SA-12 subwoofer in a sub high 20’s transmission line enclosure to a 10″ in a sealed enclosure, I thought the SA-12 would be a clear winner. In truth, I’m not quite sure its that cut and dry. To be honest, the E-10 in its sealed enclosure design as stated by Sundown is seriously impressive! Some argue that manufacturers play it safe. Whether that’s the case here, maybe it is. However the E-10 in a sealed enclosure has far exceeded my expectations of what a 102 subwoofer can do.

I hasten to add that even after the many JL Audio subwoofers I have owned, each that have been brilliant at what they do, even with the entry level E Series subwoofer form Sundown Audio, it would take a lot from JL Audio to make me buy their subwoofers over Sundown. I have every respect for JL Audio, but for my listening preferences and even on an SQ level, the Sundown subs are really in a different league!


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