vifa tx25sc-04 swiveling xt25 ring radiator tweeter

My Vifa TX25SC-04 Swiveling ring radiator tweeters have arrived today. Not the best packaging ever, and they are huge!

Test one: Kick panel installation

This is a makeshift system for the time being. One of the tweeters in my Morel Tempo 6 coaxial speakers has gone after two years of hard pounding, which I think is admirable as no other speaker has lasted anywhere near that time. So I’m not expecting the Vifa ring radiator tweeter to blend well with the Morel Tempo coax mid-bass speaker, and on initial listening tests I would say the Vifa doesn’t do that well.

Pros and Cons:


1) The Vifa is far better on axis than the standard Morel tempo tweeter

2) At high volumes, the Vifa’s remain smooth and more composed than the Morel’s


1) Slightly recessed output in comparison to the Morel Tempo tweeters.

But Things Changed …

.. big time when I added the Sundown Audio SA-12 subwoofer albeit on the lowest bass setting I could. However, even when the Sundown was allowed a bit of leas,h the combination of the Floor mounted enclosed Morel Tempo mib-bass (from the tempo 6 coaxial speakers), Vifa ring radiator tweeter and Sundown Audio subwoofer was absolutely stunning. I think the enclosed mid-bass has a lot to do with it. The improvement was a lack of ‘localising’ subwoofer. I could feel the sub more, and the sound wasn’t as far back as it was previously. Somehow everything was far more ‘airy’ and blended better than just the mid-bass/tweeter components alone.


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