Alpine SPR-69

Alpine SPR-69 speakers and a concept transmission line design enclosure. For home audio or for the car audio? Why not both!

Transmission line design concept based on a PWK design (Youtube search – hexibase Porsche Hybrid)

special t-line for alpine spr-69 6x6 speakers

Project update:

Unfortunately, after having spoken to Alpine, the Q’s (QTS) are too high for the design and the application I want. I’ve tried to model a good enclosure, however I’m still not convinced that the Alpine SPR-69 will be able to deliver the bass low enough for my listening preferences. So these will soon be going up for sale.

Some more of the Alpine SPR–69 speakers

Screw driver whoops!

Whilst sticking these into the makeshift enclosure (old Hybrid Audio I6Sw transmission line enclosure) the screw driver slipped, so did my heart. Fortunately it didn’t go through the mid-bass cone, but it did dent it.



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