Morel Tempo 6 Crossover


Sound deadening stuff

Here are some pictures for you, for when you get your Morel.s. There’s nothing to worry about

The grill comes apart from the surround …


…. however that seems to be irrelevant as the grill in its entirety has to sit on the rim of the speaker, so the grill clears the tweeter


The connection cables look like this. The thicker cable (left) is for the Positive, and the thinner cable (right) is for the negative.


And below is a picture of the ‘Red’ set of cables that runs to the tweeter


As you can see the white set (right) runs to the woofer


As marked!



Adjusting the tweeters manually. This is so the tweeter in your set up doesn’t scream. However the change is so minimal, whether you can truly notice the difference is a different matter!

Step 1) The jumper switch (black thing next to the Yellow thing) is set to the right, with the third prong bare (on the left)


Step 2) You simply pull the jumper switch off, and then place it over to the left prong …


Step 3) Whoa-la



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